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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to get a check out of their bedroom dresser drawer. it's a $100,000 bribe from a developer. >> in the box is a check. tear it up or chew it up. >> you can hear her fumbling through the dresser. >> oh, god, i don't see a check. i don't see any check. they are banging and banging. >> let them bang. >> she finally found the check. it led to what prosecutors say is destruction of evidence in their federal corruption investigation. as that check is flushed down the toilet. >> flush it. >> then there was conversation about all the cash in the house. >> what do you want me to do with this money? they are banging. what do you want me to do? >> put it in your panties.
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>> you can hear her stuffing the cash. when they searched her, they found nearly $80,000 in her underwear. this conversation, a year ago, leslie johnson was the first lady of prince george's county and elected to serve on the keown till. >> oh my god! what is going on? jack johnson is still on the other end of the line. >> hello? >> his wife begins to cry. >> it's all right. >> leslie johnson is scheduled to be sentenced in a few weeks. according to the documents, she's going to serve 12 to 18 months in prison for her crimes. coming up at 6:00, more recordings including the conversations seeking political contributions. back to you.
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>> that's riveting stuff, thank you. frustrated principals are renewing their push to get surveillance cameras inside their schools. they began floating the idea after a rash of food fights broke out last spring. they have a lot of support from parents. julie carey is live where the school board is debating the issue tonight. julie? >> reporter: the school board wrapped up the work session. while there's considerable support, other board members say they have grave concerns about a policy they say would strip students of privacy rights. security cameras have been outside fairfax county high schools for years. now, principals want to install them inside. it came after food fights left cafeterias in chaos and students injured. robinson high school has not had that. with the enormous building and
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3800 students cameras would hem. >> we have almost 4,000 students here. in areas like the cafeterias or the locker base where we have 600 students at a time, it would be helpful. no matter how many eyes i have assigned to that area, another set of eyes would be helpful. >> reporter: these students echo his comments. >> security cameras where we go, like in malls. i don't think it's invasion of privacy. >> it's a huge school. i know across fairfax county, there are other big schools as well. it's only going to help. it's not going to cause harm or damage. >> there was debate and disagreement at the work session today. the amended proposal doesn't require principals to install cam ras, it gives them the option. board members say adding cameras goes too far and sends the wrong message. >> we have a different role as government. we need to teach student that is
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the fourth amendment means something and we have rights to privacy. if you are in a place where the law requires you to be, that means that the government isn't necessarily going to be watching everything you do. >> surveys taken show the majority of ptas and principals support the idea. two high schools are opposed. >> the principals, the staff, the children have a mutual respect for each other. don't fix what's not broken type of thing. >> reporter: before they left for the day, they decided to take a vote on the policy before the end of the year. there was talk of waiting until the new school board was installed in january. i'll have more about the price of cameras in dollars and cents. back to you now. >> thanks. there's word tonight that at least one of the alleged victims is hiring an attorney and may be suing former penn state university coach jerry sandusky.
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he's accused of sexually abusing at least eight boys. he's free on $100,000 bond. the judge that allowed that was a volunteer for the charity. pennsylvania governor says he would have handled the case differently. >> that was a decision that was made by the district court judge. i would say, if i was a district court judge, there would have been many more conditions placed on that. the money would probably have been higher. >> also an internal investigation being done. officials learned of the sandusky allegations almost ten years ago, like the officials at penn state, they did not inform the police. today, the ceo of the second mile charity resigned. a developing story, nba players union rejected the latest offer leaving many to wonder if there will be a season this year. dan hellie joins us live with
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more. does not sound good. >> it doesn't at all. the nba players rejected the latest proposal, as you said. they are going to disband their union, which opens the door to file an antitrust lawsuit against the league. this is the exact same thing the nfl players tried to do, to no avail. it could take months in court. we are inching closer to no nba season. nba commissioner said it's a tragedy. the players are hell bent on destruction. he called it very sad. here is the players reaction. >> the players feel they are not prepared to accept ultimatums. it's extremely unfair on the part of the nba ownership, management to give them an ul tim may tum. >> after years of making a
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genuine and conservative effort to try to close a collective bargaining agreement with the teams and the league, we have come to the conclusion today, that process has not worked for us. we have not chosen to be in that position. a lockout continues to be imposed upon us by the league and owners. we continue to want to go to work, get back to work, want to negotiate a fair deal. that process is broken down. >> that's derrick fisher, the president of the nba players association. here is the deal. here is why it's so sad. they are actually $2 million to $3 million apart in terms of their income. the division they want. $2 million to $3 million per team. it seems like a lot. when you break it down, it's not that much and we could lose the whole season because of it. >> dan hellie, thank you. >> yep. get a load of this weather
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today. how about that? one of the warmest days in recent memory. i know. it started out -- >> what is it 12 years, doug? >> exactly 12 years, jim handly. who told you that? >> i have a little bird named veronica. >> veronica let the cat out of the bag? thanks a lot. it's very, very warm. the warmest temperature we have seen on this date in 12 years and the warmest we have been in a month. beautiful weather outside now. 71 degrees now is the current temperature outside. winds gusting upwards of 23 miles per hour. breezy. when it's a warm wind, it's not a bad wind at all. around the region, sitting at 68. 70 in leesburg. 73 in fredericksburg. what are we seeing? we are seeing cloud cover move in. saw a lot of sunshine during the day. that helps us. temperatures in the low 70s. to the west, a frontal boundary
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and a strong front producing tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings. so far, one possible confirmed tornado to the west. we'll talk more about that storm coming up and how it's going to impact our weather. look for a very nice night. the chance of showers tomorrow. we're waking up to a temperature of 56 degrees. it's not bad. changes i'll show you in the full forecast. >> thanks. the case of president obama's national health care reform and a decision will come before the next election. this suit is filed by 26 states over the individual mandate of the law that requires all americans to buy health care or pay a penalty. the court will hear arguments in march and make a decision by june. so far, lower courts have been split on the matter on whether the mandate is constitutional. for 95 years correspond doe sa high school has been
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welcoming students to the campus high on the hill overlooking downtown d.c. for decades the school has been a rundown mess. now, it is getting a $100 million makeover. tom sherwood joins us to tell us about that. >> this is a big deal for the students. one veteran teacher spoke for everyone when he said it's been a long time coming. cardozo high school was opened in 1916. it's on the national register for its architecture. for decades, on the inside, it's been a rundown facility where students got an education. the school closes in december for a 20-month, $100 million renovation that will give the school a regulation size gym. >> it's been a long time coming. a long time coming. >> that's not just anyone speaking. he's taught there for 34 years. he got the most student and
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faculty applause when he was introduced. he also coaches baseball said most students overcome a bad school building. >> people should be taking care of the students. our students have overcome adversity and become successful in life in spite of the building. >> what has kept him coming back year after year despite the rundown school? dedication. >> i love it. every day, i love it every day. i can't wait to get here. it's fun. >> starting in december, the 600 students will walk down the street, take classes at an old elementary school until the old school is ready. >> it's going to be a beauty. it's a great location. it's a cool school, in a cool neighborhood. great. when we come back, the search is on this evening for a man who fired a gun blocks away from the white house. she is speaking out for the first time, the wife of herman
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the wife of presidential candidate herman cain is
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speaking out today. gloria cain sat down with fox news program. she says she does not believe the allegations of sexual harassment against her husband. she said he would need a split personality to do what he's been accused of doing. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> the complete interview airs tonight on the fox news channel. meanwhile, one of his accusers is offering a witness now. last week, a witness named sharon said cain groped her in 1997 when she asked her for help. today, the pediatrician that was
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dating her at the time backed up the story. >> i can confirm, when she returned, she was upset. she said something had happened and that mr. cain touched her in an inappropriate manner. she said she handled it and didn't want to talk about it any further. >> dr. victor says he's a registered republican and speaking up because mr. cain is running for the most powerful position in the world. the human body has the amazing ability to repair itself. now, doctors are using it to help restore heart function after a heart attack. >> working good? >> reporter: virginia survived a massive heart attack. the once active grandmother faced a reducing life function.
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she agreed to a medical study in cleveland, ohio. they would inject bone marrow into her heart. >> my heart was only pumping 35% of what it should be. >> reporter: they have the ability to create new, healthy cells. doctors think when the heart is damaged, the body sends signals to send them to the heart to heal. >> they are not strong enough to repair heart muscle back to its normal state. >> reporter: doctors take them out of the body, give them muscle in a lab and direct them into the daked area. >> if we can bring it into the clinical practice, it is a major advancement. >> reporter: it's years away from clinical practice. another study suggests cardiac stem cells can help following a
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heart attack. doctors don't know which work best or when to use them. >> how many cells, how do you get it there and what cell are you using? that's been the trick. >> reporter: he led the study virginia was in. a year later her heart is operating at near normal capacity. >> it's a gift i was given. it's just amazing. >> well neither virginia nor her doctors know if she received the actual stem cells or placebo. they did not find improvement when they were injected three weeks after the heart attack. they think the cells are more beneficial if it comes shortly after the heart attack occurs. are you ready for this one? researchers say they have a new kind of pajama that calms and cures your skin. they are made from an extract of shrimp shells. >> sure. >> smell that.
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researchers say that the extra compound can reduce bacteria production. tests are done on 200 volunte s volunteers. they will wear the clothing for two months and be evaluated. they don't think it will create adverse side effects. >> you get to wash it? >> cocktail sauce. >> do you get to wash it? two months? i don't know if i would want to sleep in the vicinity of that. >> we need lemon to clean that up. >> not a pajama guy. >> really? all righty then. >> tmi. >> the weather outside is fantastic across the area. you know, being with these two, i should have known what was coming up next. it is beautiful. no need for pajamas now, we are at 71 degrees outside. it is gorgeous out there on this monday. wouldn't it be great if i told you the rest of the week would be like this, too? yep. that's not the case.
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not when we are talking mid november. current winds out of the south-southwest at 17 miles per hour. they are gusting over 20 in some locatio locations. 72 in baltimore. 73 in annapolis. 73 in manassas. east coming in at 66 degrees. a wider view, a narrow view of the metro area, 71 in rockville. andrews air force base 72 degrees. back towards leesburg, 70 degrees. doppler radar, no rain to talk about. we are not talking about rain in our region, just yet. it's going to change over the next 24 hours as a frontal boundary and a strong frontal boundary is making it our way. intense severe thunderstorms, numerous tornado warnings and a couple confirmed possibilities of tornadoes toward portions of
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illinois and indiana. right now, watching that storm very, very closely. it will move our way in a weaker state. mild and breezy ahead of the storm. plenty of sunshine. here comes the front. we'll see shower activity, probably early tomorrow, say around 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon. then things slide to the south. the front gets caught up in our area. low pressure moves along the front. more rain likely during the day on wednesday. i think wednesday could be a rainy day from washington down to the south. i think it's going to be fairly mild until the cold air moves in by later on in the week. as far as our temperatures go, very, very nice. gorgeous. 66 to 70 degrees. get out there and enjoy it while you can. come back in and watch the rest of our show. clouds increase. nice and mild. showers tomorrow morning. 52 to 56 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, look at the numbers tomorrow. still well above average by 10
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degrees. cloudy, mild, scattered showers. not a wash out. 64 to 67. tomorrow night, you want to tune in. how much snow are we going to see? i'll have the official nbc forecast tomorrow night at 11:00 right here. it is not going to occur in the next four days. no chance of snow when talking about numbers in the 60s. friday morning, very chilly. i think friday is going to be a cold day. most areas struggling to get into the upper 40s to 50. >> all right. you might want to put on some pajamas then. >> i refuse to wear pajamas. >> evidently. coming up, back to work. the team working high above the ground at the washington monument getting ready for winter. are you ready for christmas? one of the most famous trees will be making its way to our area. >> food good for our body and the environment. rock center with brian williams tonight at 10:00.
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more on the penn state scandal. that's tonight at 10:00
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loves trees license plates. they hope the plates will raise awareness of the value of community trees. 450 plates are available for june. a portion of each $25 plate goes to the urban forestry program. while we are on the subject or arbors, is that right? >> yes, that is right. >> this is the capital christmas tree. it is heading across country. heading our way to d.c. it's made a few pit stops and people are taking pictures of it and signing this big sign on the side of the truck. the tree is from the national forest in northern california. of course, it will be lit at the capital on december 1st. that's a pretty tree. i like the lighting of that tree. >> sometimes they throw a lot of blue in there. hey, we are just getting started
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on new 4s at 5:00. stay with us. police believe the man accused of firing a gun near the white house is still in our area. we'll have new details about the suspect, coming up. the search for a missing toddler that has police looking at a recent episode of "law and order." w
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today, the u.s. attorney released the tapes of private conversations between former prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife. you can hear panicked conversation about flushing checks and hiding cash. leslie johnson is scheduled to be sentenced in a few weeks. pins pals are pushing to get video cameras in their schools. this is after a rash of cafeteria food fights from last spring. they have the support of most high school ptas. opponents say it would violate student privacy. after 95 years of educating cordoza high school is about to get a make over. they will undergo a $10 million nen vacation. it will update the ininterior
5:31 pm
adding a regulation jgymnasium. >> it's a beautiful day. temperatures of 71 degrees. reached a high earlier of 73 unofficially at the airport. we are going to see the numbers go down a little bit. still nice and mild this evening. south-southwest winds at 10 miles per hour. it's producing the warmer temperatures. this is ahead of a frontal boundary producing a load of severe weather toward ohio, indiana, illinois. right down near missouri to the south and east of st. louis. it will make its way our way. it's going to have an impact on our weather in a couple days. i'll show you what it is in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. an arrest warrant for a man accused of firing shots near the white house. investigators believe the man is still in the area. police in virginia stopped him shortly after that shooting.
5:32 pm
elaine reyes has more. >> reporter: they stopped him an hour and a half after the incident somewhere in north arlington. he looked suspicious but they didn't have enough to hold him. they did take his picture. it's a picture you are about to see. >> this is a man we just charged a rifle in downtown d.c. i think it speaks volumes. >> reporter: police believe this 21-year-old acted alone in friday night's shooting near the white house. at one point, investigators believe he may have exchanged gunfire with another party. the motive behind the weapons discharge is now unclear. >> we haven't received reports from anybody or any sources. no buildings, no trees. we are not certain what his intentions were. >> reporter: witnesses reported hearing shots from a
5:33 pm
semiautomatic rifle on constitution avenue near the white house and washington monument. police chased ortega. he crashed his car and escaped on foot. they impounded his car and collected a lot of evidence, including his id. >> he may have arrived in the washington, d.c. area in the last several weeks. the question about motivation and sentiment. we need to hear from him so he can fill in the blanks as to what he was doing on friday evening. >> they made contact with his relatives and hoped to find him soon. he has a long criminal history that includes, drugs, alcohol and assault in utah, texas and his home state of idaho. if you have information about this person, u.s. park police want to hear from you. back to you. >> thank you. police tonight are trying to figure out what led to a deadly
5:34 pm
shooting in the district overnight. it happened around 2:30 on edgewood street northeast. when officers arrived they found an adult male taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police are working to identify a suspect and a motive. d.c. police are trying to figure out whether a series of robberies yesterday could be connected. investigators say two of them were in columbia heights at 14th and monroe streets and 14th and mer rid yan. they may be linked. in several cases, investigators say victims were approached by a man wearing a mask. since the start of daylight savings time, they increased patrols. nationals catcher wilson ramos will be back out on the baseball diamond days after his dramatic rescue from kidnappers. he feared for his life when they took him at gunpoint last week.
5:35 pm
he was on the porch of his families home. after a two-day search, he freed after a shootout between the police and kidnappers. ramos will play for venezuela's winter league team thachlt starts this wednesday. a heads up. not buckling up this week could cost you. it's click it or ticket time again. it's a week long enforcement effort that gets under way today. not wearing a seatbelt is a secondary offense in the commonwealth. police have to pull you over for another traffic violation before they can give you a ticket. >> when we come back, a costly warning for airlines on the eve of the holiday travel season. o[ male announcer ] want ton. achieve more with your money?
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the department of transportation leveled a $900,000 fine against the regional carrier for american airlines. american eagle airlines. it limits tarmac delays to three hours before passengers must be allowed off the plane. may 29th, strong thunderstorms snarled traffic at o'hare. flights were delayed past the limit. the $900,000 fine is a clear warning to airlines that similar delays during the busy holiday
5:39 pm
season will not be tolerated. a local woman opened a soup shop that is planet frepdly. the soups are tasty as well. this week, as we celebrate green is universal, we want to take you to an ecofriendly meal. >> reporter: soup, it sounds like the slurp you make. >> soup is so much more than food. soup is love. soup is a hug from your mom. >> reporter: she's doling out soup. come in for lunch or dinner and you will find vats of steaming soup bubbling with variety and imagination. >> triple ginger butternut squash soup. we have a west african stew. we have an apple soup.
5:40 pm
we are a barley sweet potato soup. curry red lentil. >> reporter: they got into soup because they heart the drum beat of the food movement. >> i knew i wanted to be involved somehow. soup is a logical way to do that. you know, 12 months a year, you can incorporate amazing different local produce into soups. >> reporter: they started an online delivery spot. they turned into a caffee. now customers come into the bright and friendly cafe for a bowl of goodness. >> i can come in and take some home, too. >> it's a green, planet friendly. they are all vegan. the mass production of animals for food depletes resources and
5:41 pm
causes pollution. they use regular dishes and stainless steel for those eating in. planet friendly containers for take out. >> they don't have a trash can. >> everything we do is green focused. all of our containers are compostable. we compost all our scraps. >> it's kosher. the rabbi overseeing their certification comes in periodically for lunch. it's more than soup they have salads with grains and greens. >> why would i get an apple from new zealand if i can get one from maryland? >> business is bubbling, just in time for winter. >> the cafe is in tacoma park. it's across from the subway there. you can get her online deliveries by going to the soups are amazing.
5:42 pm
>> i brought you the lentil and i had butternut squash with pears in it. it's amazing. the soups are amazing. it's a very cool place. if you can't get over there, get the stuff online. they will deliver. it's worth it. >> hey, we have a lot more to come tonight. now that we have made you hungry, coming up, the team that's turning heads once again, high above the national mall. [ female announcer ] at,
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problems with apples new ios 5 operating system continue. customers are complaining the system is draining their batteries. apple issued a software update designed to fix the system. a rep says they continue to evaluate the system. it runs on the iphone, the ipad and the i touch. maybe they can fix our redskins now. >> what to do? what to do? it's a bit of a mess. we have zigged and zagged and zigged again and we got nothing. dan? >> wendy and jim, it's five straight losses for the first time since 2001. we keep coming up with statistical nuggets. the redskins 3-6. they lost to the dolphins a team that won one game going in. the bottom dropped out. hope is gone.
5:46 pm
you are hoping you can get to a point where you can compete in a game. i don't know if they are thinking of winning now. compete. trevor price joins me. he's a 14 year veteran. won two super bowls playing for mike shanahan. how do you right the ship or is it possible now? >> it's possible. they have to find a way to compete at home. don't worry about the away games now. find a way to make the fans root for you and cheer for you at home. we can deal with what happens here. what happens away from us, out of sight, out of mind, we can deal with it. go back to a formula that works. run the ball. play great defense. take the air out of the ball. it's strange for a mike shanahan team. he thrives on throwing the ball over the safety's head or whatever the safety is going. take the air out of the ball. in the fourth quarter f you are behind, go to the run and shoot. see what happens. do anything. try something.
5:47 pm
i think it needs -- there's going to be some kind of philosophical change, i think, next week. >> the hard part about the running game, they are 32nd in the nfl. that's last place over the last five games. >> it doesn't matter. it gets the clock running down. 15 minutes in a quarter, it should take 15 minutes. it should not take three hours. play 15 minutes, see who is ahead. then we can air out all we want to. it's going to be boring, but keeps the clock running so it's not a thing of give them more time and they score more. give us more time, we let them score more. >> they needed the long drives. they haven't been able to sustain it. bad luck gets worse. you have a breakout rookie. eight catches for 106 yards. he goes home down to miami. the best game of his professional career for leonard. then, he gets hurt on the last
5:48 pm
catch of the game for him. not only does he get hurt, he tears something in his hip. he's out for the rest of the season. >> good leads to bad. good good bad. bad bad good. i don't think it can get worse than what the redskins are going through now. the times i have been through this, there's no explanation for how many guys get hurt. shanahan doesn't believe in banging up his guys. it's one of the things that endeered us is he didn't want to kill us. i have no idea of what's going on. it's bad luck that i have rarely seen. he went through it in 2007 in baltimore when we went through 50 injuries and 30 guys. honestly, it cannot get any worse. >> you said last week, i thought was interesting, there's no way shanahan goes back to rex grossman from john beck because
5:49 pm
his ego is too big. it's what he did. he said we have to go back to grossman. we feel he gives us the best chance to win. what does it say to the team? >> here's what it is. i know mike. you know that everything he does during the week is to get a strategic advantage on the opponent. what should have happened is spent all week preparing for john beck and they got grossman. sadly, so did we. >> so did we. the redskins definitely not choosing from a horn of plenty. coming up at 6:00, we are talking about the defense and a whole lot more. breaking down the redskins loss with trevor price. >> all right. on to dallas. see you at 6:00. thank you. let's get a check on our gorgeous weather. doug? >> it's going to stick around a little bit longer, not a lot longer. we have rain that's going to make its way in here.
5:50 pm
this evening is looking nice. even into early tomorrow morning, it should be good. the showers will develop. 71 degrees is the current temperature out there now. winds gusting over 20 in some locations. on the breezy side. anymore you have a southwest wind it's warming up. the wind is ahead of the storm system. look at the showers and thunderstorms expanding from parts of new york all the way back to missouri. there are tornado warnings in the southwestern new york. you do not see this during the month of november. a very, very rough month. indiana, illinois. illinois did have a tornado earlier around the peoria area. we will not see the severe weather. 56 overnight in our area. 54 in gaithersburg. temperatures mild by 15 degrees. tomorrow, temperatures around 67 degrees on your tuesday in toward washington and 68. coming up tomorrow night at
5:51 pm
11:00, how much snow are we going to see this season? we'll have the official nbc forecast coming up tomorrow at 11:00. you don't want to miss it, trust me. >> doug, thank you. we are working on breaking news in washington. police are investigating a deadly shooting at 21st street and maryland avenue. there's two people have been shot. at this point, only one person has been reported dead. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll have more information as soon as it comes into news 4. crews are back on top of the washington monument repairing the cracks. the monument is still closed. no set date for the reopening. the latest effort is an attempt to get it ready for winter. >> reporter: at the washington monument, heads are tilted up toward the sky. the access team is back again. this time, plugging the major cracks to keep water from leaking inside. >> it's interesting. you can tell how large the
5:52 pm
monument is with a person up there. it's neat they are actually working on it. >> reporter: it is quite a sight to see. dangling, the team is working its way down shoving flexible casings that look like sausages into the major cracks. >> if you picture a noodle, it's like that but smaller. push it into the crack and it seals the crack to keep out the vast majority of the water. >> reporter: can you stop it all from coming in? >> no, a little bit always came in the building. >> reporter: they can't stop all the water, but they believe they'll be able to stop 90% to 95% of it. if the weather cooperates, it should take five days. megan mcgrath, news 4. here is what we are working on for news 4 at 6:00. >> coming up at 6:00, it's getting ugly out in california.
5:53 pm
the occupy oakland protesters were evicted. they say they will return. police say they are ready. ahead at 6:00, brown is back in the news. why his new prius is creating more problems for him. justin timberlake made good on his promise. what the singer says about his night at the marine corps ball in richmond. those stories coming up at 6:00. see you then. >> thanks. still to come, police looking for a missing toddler. they are eyeing an episode of "law and order." >> follow us online, facebook and twit let's ring you up. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance.
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investigators in washington state are searching for a missing 2-year-old boy. >> police say they may file charges against the boy's mother. they think the boy's disappearance is tied to the tv show "law and order." here is miguel. >> reporter: for a week search teams scoured the streets of bellevue, washington. this is where sky vanished. his disappearance a mystery. just as baffling is his mother's story and her lack of cooperati cooperation. >> we are frustrated by that. >> reporter: she told detectives
5:57 pm
when her car ran out of gas, she left sky behind in the unlocked car as she and her 4-year-old daughter went looking for help. when she returned, sky was gone. investigators seized the car and said the story doesn't add up. >> we test drove it. the vehicle operated fine. >> reporter: sky's mother is in the middle of divorcing his father. he blames his estranged wife. >> i did believe julia is responsible. if she could cooperate, we could find where's our son. >> reporter: the lawyer tells nbc news she won't comment on the active investigation. the mother could face criminal charges for leaving her son behind. >> it's something we are considering. it's not a decision we have made, yet. >> reporter: a bizarre twist in
5:58 pm
the case, bellevue police say they are intrigued by a special on "law and order." >> i was only gone for a minute. >> reporter: a mother tries to cover up the baby's death saying her son was stolen from her car. >> that is julia's favorite show. >> reporter: police have scoured the apartment, a place where he played and a city dump nearby. today, there's no sign of the little boy, only suspicion over his disappearance. >> well, that is it for news 4 at 5:00. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts now. the scandal at penn state is growing as an alleged victim prepared to sue and authorities build their case against jerry sandusky. there are new questions on the university's roll.
5:59 pm
>> i don't see a check and they are banging and banging. >> let them bang. >> for the first time, we hear tense moments between jack johnson and his wife as the fbi closed in on him. herman cain's wife is speaking out. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the republican presidential field has shifted, again. suddenly, a candidate who barely had his head above water surged to the number two spot. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the story. steve? >> reporter: thanks. speaker newt gingrich is not celebrating. he says the gop race is wide open. former speaker newt gingrich was in iowa happy to hear he's surging. >> this is a wild race. who knows what the polls are going to be. >> reporter: he's second in today's cnn poll. mitt romney tops the field by


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